When will my child’s photos be ready to view?
Photos will be available within 4 weeks of the date of photography.  You must register to receive an email when your child’s photos are ready.

When do I receive information on how to register?
You will receive registration information 2 weeks before photo week.  Please follow the instructions on the note to register.  An email will be sent to you as soon as your child’s photos are ready.  

Why do I have to create an account with Mary Thompson Photographer?
A personal account is needed to register your child for photos. The account is free to set-up and when your photos are ready to order the registration credit will be in your account for you to use.  Your account is private and the password is set by you.

I lost my PhotoCode how do I get a copy of it?
When ordering opens you will be emailed your PhotoCode to view your child’s photos.  If you have lost your child’s PhotoCode email: mary@marythompson.com.au and include your name, child's name, group and centre.  The PhotoCodes are unique to each child.  

Does each child have their own PhotoCode?
The PhotoCodes are unique for each child so that no one else can see your child’s photos.  If you have more than 1 child you will receive a different PhotoCode for each child.   If parents are separated they will have the same PhotoCode to view the photos but they will not be able to see each others activity or access each others user accounts.  

How long after ordering do I receive my prints?
Prints ordered within the cut-off date will be delivered to your centre within 4 weeks of the closing date of ordering.  Digital images are emailed via a download link when payment is made.  If you have paid for postage your prints  will be mailed to you directly within 4 weeks of placing the order.  

How do I receive my digital order?  
Digital images are emailed as soon as they are paid for, and can be downloaded via the link in the email.  If you do not see the email please check your junk folder.  

I received an email that my photos are ready, how do I order?
Please see the video tutorial from the "How to order video" menu. 

Does my preschool collect order forms and money?
Money collection and printed order forms are not necessary as parents view, order & purchase their child’s images online.   If a parent is having problems with this system help is available, please send an email to mary@marythompson.com.au.

Do you have packages for parents to choose between?
We offer a range of print and digital packages.  Parents can choose the images they want to add to their package.  Parents also have the ability to select individual prints or digital files.

I have more than one child can I order for both children at once?
Each child has their own gallery with their photos in it.  If you have 2 or more children you will have a PhotoCode of each child.  You can add a package for each child to your shopping cart and pay for them at the same time.  If you have sibling photos they will normally be in the youngest child’s gallery.   It is not possible to combine 2 children’s photos into one package.  

I have other questions?
Please contact me via email: mary@marythompson.com.au or phone: 0433656400 and I am happy to assist you.


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